About us

Harli Ma & Me is a small family operated business located on the Mornington Peninsula just over an hour away from Melbourne. We bring to you ethically made products for the whole family. We take great pride in the products we produce and would never send out a product that we wouldn’t be 100% happy with ourselves. 


How Harli Ma & Me started.

It all started out as a hobby, well that escalated quickly! My mother has also been the creative type, maybe I could take after her. I since found a love in making candles and beaded necklaces.

Pre baby, when I had ample amount of time, I spent my spare time making necklaces, keyrings and candles for family and friends. I started with polymer clay, but being a perfectionist, getting the shapes and sizes perfect dust free and finger print free was rather difficult. I just had to find something else to work with! This is where I found silicone and beech wood beads. Non- toxic, durable and made without any defects, perfect!! 

Fast forward to post baby, I wanted to be a stay at home mum so I decided I needed to keep going with my handmade products and bring it to the public eye. I searched high and low for products that I wanted for my baby girl but knew that myself and my talented mother could make these products ourselves.

We have come up with our own patterns and used materials that I knew that I would be happy using with my own. This is where Harli Ma & Me evolved from, adapting and complementing my original starting point. 

Harli being my inspiration, Ma being my very talented mother who puts her heart and soul into sewing (and being a wonderful mother), and then there’s Me a stay at home mum who wants to showcase my own skills and at the same time bringing to you ethically made and reasonably priced products for the whole family to enjoy.

We hope you enjoy. 

With love from our family to yours.

Harli Ma & Me.